Warfarin and INR monitoring

Many of our patients are on long term warfarin medication for anticoagulation. This medication stops the blood clotting within the blood vessels and is important in certain heart conditions i.e atrial fibrillation, heart valve replacement and to prevent deep vein thrombosis and blood clots.  This treatment needs closely monitoring via a blood tests called an INR  (International Normalised Ratio)  and INR  readings need to be kept within a tight therapeutic range.  

Patients on Warfarin are able to come to Chiddingfold Surgery where the  phlebotomist or nurse  performs a simple blood test, via a finger prick. and analyses the blood on-site enabling an immediate INR result to be obtained.  The Nurse /Phlebotomist is then able to advise on the appropriate warfarin dose to take and the date when a further INR test is due.

This Near Patient Testing has been a huge improvement for patients  and avoids the need for patients to attend hospital based anticoagulant clinics for long term monitoring.

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